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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is software made by Microsoft that allows users to open a spreadsheet to format, organize, and calculate data with formulas. The spreadsheet is broken up by rows and columns and everything can be customized to fit what you need. They allow for collaboration with other individuals to input information together all in one location. This is a business software necessity no matter which company you work for.

Microsoft Excel is an analytical way to organize your data. It is popular in all situations that require data being sorted or manipulated easily. You can set repeating formulas, format information, and neatly query for certain data. It is a resourceful tool that companies expect you to understand and be able to use. It allows for the sharing of data between different locations for quicker information searching.

Bundled in with Microsoft Office is Microsoft Excel. It is a powerful business tool allowing the creation of a monthly budget, tracking business expenses, or storing and organizing large amounts of data. It features graphing tools, pivot tables, setting macros, and cell based calculations. Excel has become an essential tool that almost every business out there uses.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is for presentations. It can give you everything you need to attain a very professional looking presentation for your viewers. Powerpoint incorporates several easy tools into this program. There is a word processer, graphs, drawing, outlining, and presentation management tools all in one. Powerpoint can help you make a training presentation for your co-workers or one that will win the large account. The outcome can be quite impressive once you have learned how to master it.

Powerpoint gives users an interface to design multimedia slides. In turn these slides can be displayed on a computer or projection system. You can have videos, text, sounds, images, and charts to help create an interactive feel with your audience. Powerpoint interacts with Excel and Word and comes in the Microsoft Office bundle of products. Even kids in middle school are required to use this to make presentations so it is very popular in business and personal areas.

Microsoft PowerPoint is made for slideshows or presentations. Most are created from a template that has a background color or image, slide layouts, and text. The template can be saved to the master slide and copied throughout or you can make them all different depending on what you are trying to present. It is mainly used in business and school presentations but sometimes people use them to make personal slideshows like weddings or birthday parties. They can be a very powerful tool in getting your information to stand out.

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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is word processing software that lets users format various aspects of a document. It can be anything from text alignment to graphic arts to custom table layouts. It does basic data entry and has spelling correction plus you can insert images and format them into documents. You can also protect your documents so they can be read only keeping your information safe and secure.

Microsoft Word is in the Microsoft Office Suite or can be purchased alone. It is the most common word program in use today with statistics saying 1 in 7 people use Microsoft word. It is used in all schools in the United States and almost all businesses. It is word processing software that allows you to make new documents or print flyers or birthday cards. You can also manipulate PDF files and collaborate with others on shared documents. It has several formatting capabilities. Any document you can think of, that you want to create can be created using Word.

Anyone who has a writing task, whether you are a worker, writer, or professional, can benefit from what Microsoft Word has to offer. It is a word processing program that can help you write reports, letters, resumes, and stories. There is also a huge online library where you can download templates made by other people. You can save your documents onto your hard drive or a remote server plus check your spelling and grammar. It works with a variety of formats and you can share documents safely.